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Student Clubs & Groups

St. Thomas More Collegiate offers a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. These kinds of activities allow students to explore something new, enhance current skills and develop their passions.

All students are encouraged to join at least one club.

Action Team

Mr. McCormick

American Sign Language Club

Ms. Bilawey

Astronomy Club

Mr. Muise

Badminton Club

Mr. Mesa & Mr. Wong


Mr. Dawson & Mr. Spanjers

Blessed Edmund Rice Team

Mr. Mattiazzo

Book Club

Mrs. DeWith

Business Club

 Mr. De Lazzari

Chess Club

 Mr. Spanjers

Dance Team

Mrs. Castro & Mrs. Doromal

Debate Team

 Mr. Zavarise

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Mr. Power

ESA CanSat Competition Team

Mr. Muise


Mr. Olson

Game Development

Mr. Mesa

Health Care

Mrs. Caravaggio

Knights Fit

Ms. Lang

Knights Watch

Mr. Brown

Legion of Mary

Mrs. Silveira

Mary Rice

 Mrs. Cirillo

Math Club

Mr. Joe Power

Modern & Experimental Physics

Mr. Muise

Model UN

Mr. Pagcaliwagan


Mr. Brown & Ms. Lauang

Nutrition Club

Ms. Lang

Outdoors Club

Mrs. MacLellan

Peer Tutoring



 Ms. Fiona Doyle

Programming Club

Mr. Olson

Psychology Club

Mr. De Lazzari


Mr. Borthistle

Ski / Snowboard

Mr. Borthistle

STEM Monarchy

Ms. McCall

Students on the Beamlines

Mr. Muise


Mr. Mitchell


Mrs. DeWith & Mrs. Taylor

SAFE: Community Project Change

Mr. Zimmermann

SAFE: Green Team

Mr. Johnston



SAFE: Indigenous Culture


SAFE: Truth & Reconciliation

Mrs. Farano

SAFE: World Advocacy

 Mme. Ransom

Please contact the student or teacher moderator if you are interested in participating or joining a club.

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