For our staff and students, a retreat is a special time away from their normal routines to reflect on their lives, to experience new things, to enjoy being with their friends, and to learn more about one another, to pray, and to quiet themselves down to be open to God’s spirit.

Retreats by grade
  • Grade 8:   Community and Blessed Edmund Rice (Fall)
  • Grade 9:   Jesus in our life (Spring)
  • Grade 10:   Faith and Morality (Winter)
  • Grade 11:   Leadership (Spring 2020)
  • Grade 12:   Vocations (Spring 2020)

The goals of each retreat are similar while being approached differently.  Each retreat is changed every year to fit the needs of the students in that grade. At these retreats, students will be involved in a variety of activities to help them work through various goals.

With a committed retreat team, a well organized schedule and explanation of goals, rules and expectations, the students have an opportunity to grow as individuals and as a group to be full members of the STMC community. For many students, these retreats are highlights of their memories at STMC and sometimes become a turning point in their lives as they move forward in their faith journeys.