STMC Dress Code/Guidelines

Winter Dress Code

See the pictures below for some examples of acceptable dress code variations. Also, do remember that the winter dress code is in effect all year and can be worn in summer, whereas the summer dress code is an optional variant only for the summer months (please refer to the school calendar for summer dress code dates).

Students may wear a combination of many different items throughout the school year…

Dress examples for girls

And some dress options for the boys . . .

Summer Dress Code

What may be worn from the 1st Monday in May Until Thanksgiving Day?

(or as advised otherwise by the school)

Gym Dress Code

For those students enrolled in Phys. Ed. (Grades 8, 9 & 10 Only)

Specialty Apparel

Grad Class Hoodies

Grade 12 students and alumni always wear theirs with pride.

Sports Team Apparel

Team members can order these items through the Athletics Department, then show off their team spirit – Go Knights!

Other Apparel

Members of a school club, band or group may also order other specialty apparel to showcase their affiliations and school spirit.

Fall & Winter Band or Choir

WHITE Dress Shirt, CARDIGAN Sweater, BLACK Pants, Belt, Socks & Shoes

Spring Band or Choir

BLACK Golf Shirt or Specialty Shirt; BLACK Pants, Belt, Socks & Shoes

Jazz & Chamber Band or Choir

BLACK Dresses, Tuxedos and Suits are either store-bought or custom made-to-order through the Music Department.

What not to wear
  • Cargo-Style Pants and Shorts with Side Pockets
  • Kilt Skirts and Shorts more than 3” above the knee
  • Cut-Off Style Pants, Shorts, T-Shirts and Tops
  • Leggings
  • Joggers and Sweatpants
  • Prints and Patterns
  • High Heels and Platform Shoes