STMC Dress Code

The STMC Dress code is as follows:

Tops Permitted To Be Worn

• A STMC collared shirt or polo sold through Cambridge Uniform.
• A STMC V-neck sweater or cardigan sweater sold through Cambridge Uniform may be worn over an STMC collared shirt.
• Any visible t-shirt worn under the STMC collared shirt needs to be black, red, or white

Pants and Kilts

• Black or beige pants.
• Pants must have a zipper, two pockets on the front, one or two pockets on the back (no Cargos) and have a hem or cuff on the bottom. No elastic cuffs.
• Girls have the option of wearing a kilt purchased through Cambridge Uniforms that is to be worn no more than three inches above the knee.

Non permissible clothing

School hoodies allowed only as outerwear and to be removed during school-time
• Cargo-Style Pants and Shorts with Side Pockets
• Leggings Joggers and Sweatpants
• Slides, boots or open toed sandals for safety reasons

For reference please see the Cambirdge Uniform store for reference of permissible clothing:

*Jeans are only permitted on Jeans’ days*

Red Day Attire

A red day is meant to inspire spirit in the school community. Students are encouraged to wear as much red as possible.

On Red Days, students can wear:
• STMC hoodies (in red)
• STMC athletic gear (also in red)
• STMC fan gear as sold on ONETeam Sports online catalogue
• other clothing that is predominantly red

If students would prefer to be in dress code, that is acceptable.

Please note that denim is NOT permissible on red days. Denim and jean attire is not permissible at STMC unless it is a Jean’s Day.

Dress examples


Summer Dress Code

What may be worn from the 1st Monday in May Until Thanksgiving Day?

(or as advised otherwise by the school)

Gym Dress Code

For those students enrolled in Phys. Ed. (Grades 8, 9 & 10 Only)

Specialty Apparel

Grad Class 1/4 zips.

Grade 12 students and alumni always wear theirs with pride.