Dinner Club

The Dinner Club is a club initiated by Mrs. Cirillo who has a passion for cooking and loves to share it with others. The club is open to any students grade 8-12. It is about a group of enthusiastic students who get together to learn some basic cooking techniques. It gives the students the opportunity to share their passion and is just the right incentive to get them motivated to make healthy meals from scratch.

The Dinner Club meets once a week. The students are given a demonstration by Mrs. Cirillo of the recipe they’re making and in the end they enjoy the meal together. They are given a recipe and are encouraged to try and make it at home for their family. They also do fundraising which we contribute to different organizations around the school.

The motivation behind the club is to get give the students an introduction to the different cultures of food and learn some basic cooking techniques. If you love food and love to have fun, join the Dinner Club.

Mrs. Cirillo
Teacher Moderator
604-521-1801 ext 2100