Priority Areas of Support

Your gift to the Knights Annual Fund will assist us in our ongoing effort to strengthen St. Thomas More Collegiate’s curricular program and prepare our Knights for the future through the following:

Development of Model Classrooms
With a new curriculum and a new way of teaching and learning in British Columbia schools, the development of model classrooms would allow for flexibility in the use of existing classroom spaces throughout the school. Different solutions – particularly the incorporation of more flexible classroom furniture – would be applied to different types of classrooms at STMC.
Curricular Program Enrichment
Language Lab

With the implementation of the 1:1 Chromebooks, a specialized software would be acquired to assist students in practicing their verbal skills and provide a new tool for teachers to assess students.

Exercise and Health Science Program

Incorporating a variety of diagnostic tools and equipment to support those students in our Life Sciences, Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Therapy, and Fitness courses (e.g. V-Max Testing Equipment and Heart Monitors).

Robotics Lab (Phase 2)

Incorporating 3-D Printer Technology to allow students to modify and/or fabricate additional parts and components for their VEX Robots.

McCarthy Library Upgrades
As STMC moves to include a requirement of a major research paper at the senior level for all STMC graduating students, significant financial investments will be required in order to purchase additional non-fiction resources (notably access to more electronic databases).
Facilities Upgrades
• Audio system for the Multi-Purpose Room

• Technology upgrades in all classrooms to allow for wireless computer projection

• Large portable screen for community use during presentations in the StanJean Centre

• Portable staging system for school and community events (Masses, Ceremonies, Banquets)

• New altar for Mass celebrations