Learning Resource Centre Expansion

This has now been fully funded – THANK YOU

Help STMC Expand the Learning Resource Centre

The STMC Learning Resource Program sets our school apart from many others. 10% of our Knights receive direct or indirect support from our LA Team, who strive to create an inclusive and diverse special education program that is student-centred and focused on developing each individual holistically. The efforts of the LA team help not only the students receiving the support, but our community as a whole.

Due to the success of the STMC Learning Resource Centre, the space available is now inadequate! We would like to seamlessly merge the President’s Office and Printer Room with the existing two rooms to provide an extra 73% of square footage.

Room animation designed by Serafina Lee

Learn more about STMC’s Learning Resource Centre Plan


We have raised $280,000 of the needed $300,000 to complete this project. The project includes removal and installation of printers elsewhere in the school, ductwork, tearing down/building walls, consistent flooring throughout the space, lighting, storage, painting, and furniture. Enhancements to the LA program include the installation of a stove, sink, and counter for Life Skills and technology upgrades to advance the level of education for our young Knights.

Please consider making a contribution to the Emerging Needs Area of the Knights Annual Fund.

Kyle O'Genski
Interim Director of Development and Community Relations
Alice Roder
Administrative Assistant for Development and Community Relations
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