Active Learning Classrooms

Classrooms in most schools have looked the same for 200 years. The traditional classroom, with all desks pointed forwards and the teacher standing at a board, is a teacher-focused classroom.

With your generous support, STMC will be transitioning all of our classrooms towards student-centred Active Learning Classrooms. Flexible furniture, designed to suit all types of learners, helps both teachers and students in the learning process. Having the flexibility to adjust classrooms to different configurations will allow our teachers to be more interactive with our young Knights.

Thank you to CDI Spaces for providing us with the following renderings of what our future classes will look like.

STMC Classroom Rendering 1 STMC Classroom Rendering 2


Naming Opportunities are available for individuals or businesses that wish to make a very significant contribution to this project. Please contact Brent Christensen for more information on Naming Opportunities.

Please consider making a contribution to the Academics Area of our Knights Annual Fund to help elevate the level of education provided by STMC. Donation amounts listed below include the costs associated with replacing one of each item needed for Active Learning Classrooms.

We have suggested Students’ Chairs ($170), Students’ Desks ($250), Storage ($675), and Teachers’ Lecterns ($2650). Please choose “Other” if you would like to donate for multiple items or a different amount.

For more information, please contact:

Brent Christensen
Director of Development and Community Relations
Chris Rickaby
Project Lead, Past PA President, Kitchen Coordinator