Student Commons and Café

Once a Knight, always a Knight

We all know that not all education happens in the classroom. Much of the lessons learned at St. Thomas More Collegiate are learned during breaks and social time. Two or more Knights sharing stories, laughs, and supporting each other through these important teenage years is life-changing. Thanks to our amazing STMC Parents’ Association, our school has now installed 15 new portable dining tables.

With your generous support, STMC will be able to further renovate our Café and help create an attractive space of social learning. Renovations include creating an exposed ceiling and adding LED Lighting, MDF Architectural Ceiling Features, Booth / Banquette Seating, and Student Commons Furniture. We will also repaint the walls and have millwork done so we can install microwaves, condiment stations, recycling areas, and provide sink and water access.

Grade 12 Architectural Design Student Elizabeth Bencze played a large part in conceptualizing how our cafeteria could look. She is pictured above with Principal Steve Garland, discussing different design options.

Please enjoy Elizabeth’s vision of how our cafeteria could look.

To help fund this renovation, please consider donating to our Emerging Needs Fund.

Brent Christensen
Director of Development and Community Relations
Chris Rickaby
Project Lead, Past PA President, Kitchen Coordinator