Run For Peru 2021

Greetings fellow knights!

In conjunction with our student fundraiser, the Walkathon, Grade 10 Student Council has organized STMC’s first Run for Peru!

This summer, in normal circumstances, we would have been sending a group of 12 students to Lima, Peru for a service and advocacy immersion trip. However, due to COVID-19, STMC students have pivoted, took part in a virtual immersion trip during the Grade 10 retreat, and will be fundraising by hosting a relay which represents the distance between the Christian Brothers’ house in San Juan de Lurigancho and the immersion center in Jicamarca. 9 student runners will be running/walking a distance of 50 laps or approximately 10 km. Students and staff are welcome to run and walk as well to lighten a runner’s load after they walk the Walkathon route.

All of the proceeds fundraised at this event will go towards building a home for a family in Jicamarca. This year, our goal is to raise $2,300. You can donate online through the runner’s pages on the URL posted below. There will also be a concession stand at the event, in which all proceeds will go towards the fundraiser. STMC’s Run For Peru 2021 will take place on Tuesday, May 18 during the Walkathon on a RICE day.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Mattiazzo, Ms. Lauang, the Grade 10 Student Council, and all of our runners for making this event possible. Now, let’s get donating! We can do it!

Please visit the links below to donate to the runners:

Kate Stewart-Barnett, Grade 12:
Alicia Bremer, Grade 12:
Milena Kalisch, Grade 12:
Sophia Wong, Grade 11:
Cameron DeWith, Grade 11:
Jenna Bevacqua, Grade 11:
Raphael Ysonza, Grade 10:
Christopher Fok, Grade 10:
Anthony Cheng, Grade 10:

Thank you for all your help and support!

Go Knights!


Aoife Carolan, Danica Fontana, Ava Giovinazzo, Anna Kotenko, Tea Mocnik, Kevin Nicklin, Mattea Pavan, and Callum Rogers

If you wish to donate to another Knight, please use the following form: