Funding Areas

Giving is a personal matter. We give to areas that are close to our hearts and where we want to make the most difference. At St. Thomas More Collegiate, donors may choose to give to a funding area that meets their philanthropic objectives, helps advance the mission and vision of the school, and, ultimately, enhances our Knights’ learning experience and environment.

Student Support
Gifts to bursaries assist STMC in ensuring that the school is accessible to families of all financial circumstances. Gifts to scholarships and awards provide students a leg up in their pursuit of higher education.
Program Enrichment
Strengthening STMC’s curricular and co-curricular programs boosts student success. Gifts to this area may be designated towards academics, fine arts, athletics, sciences, or faith development.
Facilities Enhancement
Gifts to this area directly enhance our students’ learning experience and environment as they are directed toward the maintenance, improvement and upgrade of our campus facilities.
An endowment generates long-term support for STMC. Gifts to this area are invested and managed by the STMC Foundation and only the annual interest income is disbursed according to the terms established upon the creation of an endowment fund.
Area of Greatest Need
Unrestricted gifts are most helpful for the school as they allow STMC to allocate funds to areas where they are most needed. Gifts to this area address the school’s as determined by the STMC senior administration.
“When my son expressed his desire to attend St Thomas More Collegiate, I was a bit apprehensive because of the fees. However, ANY doubts and apprehension were put to rest when my bursary application was accepted and I was offered financial assistance. Words can never be enough to express my deep gratitude for the help I received. I hope someday my son and I can pay it forward”

~ STMC parent and bursary recipient

For more information, please contact:

Brent Christensen
Director of Development and Community Relations
Alice Roder
Development and Community Relations Officer
604-521-1801 ext 2133