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Telephone: 604-521-1801
Facsimile: 604-520-0725
E-mail: Please use the 'Send an Email' box on the right to contact the appropriate person from the list below.

Mailing Address:
St. Thomas More Collegiate
7450 12th Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V3N 2K1 


Niall Carolan
Communications Officer
604-521-1801 ext 101


Neysa Finnie Steve Garland
President Principal
604-521-1801 ext 102 604-521-1801 ext 103
KC Steele Aaron Mitchell
Senior Grades Vice-Principal Junior Grades Vice-Principal 
604-521-1801 ext 104 604-521-1801 ext 105

Administrative Assistant

Susan Kelly
Administrative Assistant
604-521-1801 ext 128


Maria Cirillo
604-521-1801 ext 100


Susan Silveira
Business Manager
604-521-1801 ext 112

Advancement Office

Alice Roder Jacqueline Doering
Advancement Services Officer Associate Director of Advancement
604-521-1801 ext 133 604-521-1801 ext 131

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