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House System

The school is organized under the banners of six different houses named after areas of significance to Blessed Edmund Rice and St. Thomas More.
Approximately 115-120 students and faculty members are sorted into each individual house.

‘House’ competitions will be scheduled throughout the school year to promote development of the whole person, school spirit, Christian service, and leadership. This year, we have begun to utilize a house advisory block every Monday. In this advisory block, students from different grades meet to discuss topics relevant to the student experience at STMC as well as take part in house competitions.

Canterbury Crows

St. Thomas More was mentored by the Archbishop of Canterbury and is currently buried in the city.

The crow is the main symbol of Canterbury house as it is featured on the city’s crest. It is meant to inspire intelligence, collaboration, and fearlessness. The stole and vestment behind the crow represents our dedication to Christianity and the backdrop of Canterbury Cathedral serves as a reminder of the tradition and history of Christianity in England.

London Lions

It was in London where St. Thomas More became a lawyer and politician and where he eventually became a key advisor for King Henry VIII. It is also where he was martyred for his Catholic faith.

The lion is the main symbol of London house and is meant to inspire courage, strength, and the pursuit of justice. The rose symbolizes a pursuit of one’s passion while the backdrop of the London Bridge reminds our students to remain loyal and steadfast to our faith and beliefs.

2023 House Champion

Oxford Owls

St. Thomas More was educated at the University of Oxford in classical studies. It is where he was inspired to further his pursuit of law.

The owl is the main symbol of Oxford house and is meant to inspire a pursuit of knowledge and honesty. The owl sits upon a crown in order to show that wisdom and truth as paths to excellence. The book as Oxford’s backdrop further emphasizes the significance of personal growth and a love of learning in all endeavours.

House Champion: 2021

Dublin Dragons

Blessed Edmund Rice founded some of the earliest Christian Brothers schools in Dublin. By 1907, there were ten Christian Brother school communities throughout the county.

The dragon is the main symbol of Dublin House and represents strength and power. The Gaelic knot represents family and togetherness and the off-centered cross represents our faith and religious identity.

Limerick Elks

County Limerick was home to some of the earliest Christian Brother Schools beginning in 1816.

The Irish elk, a giant extinct deer, is the main symbol of Limerick house and represents both perseverance and power. A flame on the crest stands for excellence and passion, a core belief of Blessed Edmund Rice. Lastly, the shamrocks, while typically symbolic of luck, are scattered among the crest to symbolize our religious faith as they are used to symbolize the Holy Trinity.

House Champion: 2022

Waterford Eagles

Edmund Rice’s vocation began amongst the poor children of County Waterford in Ireland. Blessed Edmund Rice died in Waterford in 1844.

The main symbol of Waterford house is the eagle which is a symbol of freedom and resilience. The olive branch represents peace and wisdom while the ship serves as a homage to the city of Waterford itself and to the Three Sisters of Ireland: River Barrow, River Nore, and River Suir.

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