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Competitive Sports

St. Thomas More Collegiate has become an athletic powerhouse in BC high school competitive sports. This is no accident. Not only have we been fortunate to have many talented student athletes play for our teams, but STMC places a high priority on athletics and staff work diligently to ensure success.

One of the most important factors in STMC’s athletics success is determining which sports to offer – that is, which sports will have teams and coaches at every level, and in which sports will we allocate most of our resources. It is one of our main goals to be truly great in competitive sports, at local and regional levels.

Because we are a small school, we have limited student athletes, staff coaches and resources, and have to make choices about our priorities. If we try to offer too many sports and support all of them at the same level, we spread ourselves too thin and risk not being great at anything. Therefore, prior to the commencement of each school year, the Principal in consultation with the Athletic Director, staff, and community will determine which sports will be offered at the school.

Currently, the following athletic opportunities are available at St. Thomas More Collegiate:


  • Cross Country (Gr 8-12)
  • Football (Gr 8, Junior, Senior)
  • Swimming (Gr 8-12)
  • Girls Volleyball (Gr 8, Junior, Senior)


  • Boys/Girls Basketball (Gr 8, Junior, Senior)
  • Boys Field Lacrosse (Gr 8-12)
  • Wrestling (Gr 8-12)
  • Curling (Gr 8-12)


  • Golf (Junior, Senior);
  • Track & Field (Gr 8-12)
  • Ultimate (Gr 8, Junior, Senior)
  • Girls Soccer (Junior, Senior)
  • Rugby

For the various sports offered, Grade 8, Grade 9, and Junior Varsity are more developmental in nature, while Varsity athletic activities have a higher focus on competition.

Staff, students, or parents who wish to add a sport to the Athletic Program should submit a proposal in writing to the Principal. The Principal, in consultation with the Athletic Director and staff will make the final decision on the addition or deletion of athletic teams.

Additionally, all students participating in competitive sports are required to pay athletic fees, click HERE to register for STMC Sports and to pay your athletic fees online.

STMC is proud of all of our athletes and strive to celebrate their accomplishments and support their efforts – no matter what sport they choose to play.

Mr. James Borthistle
Althletic Director
604-521-1801 ext. 2106
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