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St. Thomas More Collegiate (STMC) is a Catholic co-educational independent secondary school (grades 8 – 12), in Burnaby, British Columbia (BC), Canada, that has offered young men and women from throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland an extraordinary education and a second home for almost six decades. Since 1960, when three Christian Brothers opened the school to 125 Knights, STMC has helped shape thousands of young minds and touched the lives of their families.

Today, STMC is a leader in academics, athletics and fine arts. Repeatedly ranked by the Fraser Institute in the top 10% of secondary schools in BC, St. Thomas More Collegiate gives young people a strong academic foundation for success. Consistently, 99% of STMC students graduate with over 85% pursuing post-secondary studies. A St. Thomas More Collegiate education goes beyond academics. STMC offers students a second home – an extension of family and develops a student’s character and faith; it is a place where young adults feel a sense of pride and teaches them how to participate in a thriving, active community.

STMC’s students are a force for youth philanthropy. Whether preparing and serving dinner for homeless neighbours, raising funds for local non-profits, campaigning for environmentally sensitive practices or travelling to developing countries around the world working side by side with locals to dig wells and build schools, STMC students are standing in solidarity with people marginalized by poverty and injustice. STMC graduates serve their communities in all walks of life, as business leaders, social workers, academics and solid citizens.

Founded by the Christian Brothers, St. Thomas More Collegiate strives to be faithful to the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice, and seeks to educate all children – no matter their religion, race or socio-economic background.

As an Edmund Rice Christian Brothers School, STMC integrates the Essential Elements of the Blessed Edmund Rice Christian Brothers.


As a faith and learning community we are called to LEARN, LEAD, AND SERVE



For every Knight to optimize their potential, serve others and create a just and caring world




A gospel value expressed in our Catholic traditions and moral teachings


A sense of unity of purpose and belonging built on trust, inclusivity, respect and collaboration


A drive for continual improvement and innovation in people and programs


A call to action and advocacy for social, economic, and environmental equity


After 46 years, the STMC crest and logo had undergone a small but significant rebranding effort. The updated crest features a more modern and simpler design, while maintaining the essence of the original coat of arms of St. Thomas More. Considerable brainstorming, drafting, and deliberation took place to determine on a look that will last for many years.

After several iterations and mock drafts, STMC landed on a design that reflects STMC’s commitment towards forward-thinking ideology and innovation.

To read more about the history of STMC’s original crest and its update, visit the STMC School Crest page.

School History

In 1957, negotiations began between the Most Rev. Martin M. Johnston, D.D., Coadjutor Archbishop of Vancouver and Rev. Brother A.A. Loftus, Provincial Superior of the Christian Brothers in North America, to secure the Brothers to lead a new Catholic school in BC’s Lower Mainland. An agreement was reached between the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the Christian Brothers; a site had been chosen and construction of a 10 room school had been completed by 1960. The future St. Thomas More Collegiate (STMC) was to be built in Burnaby, a short distance from St. Louis College, a school in New Westminster which the Brothers had been stationed at for a short time some thirty years earlier.

St. Thomas More Collegiate welcomed its first student Knights in September 1960. Opening day brought together three Christian Brothers and 110 Knights enrolled in grades 7, 8 and 9. Over the years enrollment and staff grew, as did the facilities. Major construction was carried out in 1966, 1978, 1981, 1984, and with the introduction of coeducation in 1998. The school has grown to full capacity with enrollment at 675 students and now houses a state-of-the-art Fine Arts wing (2010) and Athletic facilities (2013).

Today, St. Thomas More Collegiate is a prominent member of the Catholic and civic educational communities in the Lower Mainland. This is due to STMC’s development of facilities and growth in students, faculty and staff, as well as the corresponding growth in appreciation of the Catholic educational philosophy which enlightens and sustains the spiritual, intellectual, social and athletic facets of a Knight’s education. The pioneers indeed built well, and all who have experienced the spirit of personalism and the challenge of excellence, hallmarks of a STMC education, are indebted to the many people who supported STMC throughout the years.


1960 – 1966
1966 – 1669
1969 – 1970
1970 – 1972
1972 – 1978
1978 – 1984
1984 – 1989

Brother W G McIntrye
Brother W C Martin
Brother D Frenette
Brother R L Mackenzie
Brother C H Slattery
Brother Q R Carrothers
Brother K E Short

1989 – 1997
1997 – 2000
2000 – 2011
2011 – 2017
2017 – 2022
2022 – Present

Brother H J O’Neill
Brother P J O’Loughlin
Mr. D Hall
Mr. M DesLauriers
Mr. S Garland
Mr. J Adams


2002 – 2006
2006 – 2009
2015 – 2019
2019 – 2022
2022 – Present

Brother J Gale
Brother D Sanpietro
Mrs. N Finnie
Ms. D Doyle
Mr. S Garland

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