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Student Council

The STMC Student Council’s main responsibility is to represent the student body with regard to school activities and programs while fostering school spirit within the student community. The student council is led by a board of senior students which is led by two Chancellors. The Student Council is also required to have a Grade level representatives from Grade 9, 10, and 11. It is their duty to govern meetings and run activities, keeping in mind the interests of all students. Activities throughout the year include Grade 8 Orientation and Knighting Ceremony, Pep Rallies, School Dances, Spirit Week and Greek Olympics, Grade 8-12 Mixer, and Christmas Spirit Week.

Below are our Student Council representatives for the 2024-2025 school year:

Grad 2025

Ethan A.
Nick F.
Elyza C.
Bernice T.
Olivia C.
Stefanie M.
Vilson L.
Sophia S.
Ieve R.
Devyn T.

Grad 2026

Caitlin C.
Lauren W.
Dario D.
Camila L.
Remo G.
Carlo P.
Maia K.
Hana M.

Grad 2027

Isabella C.
Ariana W.
Bree L.
Jaden P.
Kristina P.
Lauren W.

Grad 2028

Alisha B.
Wesley H.
Laura B.
Maia F.
Charlotte O.

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