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The Knight’s Cross

The Foundation of Knight Life

The Knight’s Cross is a symbol of STMC’s holistic approach to faith-based teaching and learning, which stems towards one of four points; Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Advocacy & Action. These points of the cross depict the interaction between the development of mind, body and spirit; and the call to serve. The cross is a constant reminder to our students and staff that while we should strive to do our best in all areas of life and learning, Faith remains at the centre of all that we do.

We believe that by fostering excellence in each of these areas, both in our organization and in our students, we will develop a system that inspires meaningful lives and helps all Knights truly make a difference in the world.


Pursuit of Knowledge and Intellectual Growth

St. Thomas More Collegiate develops student programs that promote the growth of each individual toward their full potential in their faith, knowledge, and love. Our academic programs are designed to support growth in skills and intellectual maturity to prepare our Knights for life beyond STMC.


Fostering Creativity and Imagination

A well-rounded educational experience is one that encourages students to not only think critically but express themselves creatively. STMC offers a wide range of Applied and Fine Arts courses to help students hone their craft in diverse and carefully curated educational programs designed to promote lifelong critical thinking and appreciation of the Applied and Fine Arts.


Building Health and Discipline

A comprehensive educational experience encourages students to excel both academically and physically. STMC provides a variety of competitive and recreational sports and fitness activities to help students develop their athletic abilities through programs that promote health, fitness, camaraderie, and perseverence.


The Foundation of our Education

Our mission is to teach young people how to learn and grow in a welcoming Catholic Community. Led by the charism of Edmund Rice and the Gospels of Jesus Christ, living faith is a core value at St. Thomas More Collegiate.

Advocacy & Action

Creating Positive Change and Progress

STMC strives to nurture a mindset of social responsibility by offering a variety of advocacy and service opportunities. This allows students develop their leadership skills and commitment to social justice through thoughtfully designed programs that promote lifelong civic responsibility, a passion for positive change, and to become a global citizen.


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