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Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular programs are an important part of growing up. In some ways it can be just as important as academic learning, especially in tandem where one complements the other. Previously, the notion of school success was seen as results-based: the higher your test grade, the more “successful” you are perceived as. Today, it is understood that while grades are certainly important, it is not the only measure of success. Extracurricular programs provide learning in ways that textbooks cannot. A few such areas include improving social skills, sense of camaraderie, time management, learning new hobbies, and much more.

In fact, programs and activities outside of class time is so important that universities often take into them into considering when deciding whether to admit a prospective student. This is because well-rounded students that can contribute beyond simply good grades are highly sought after. Balance is key!

ESA CanSat

Every June, the European Space Agency (ESA) hosts a international competition where high school students test data-collecting probes that they have built against other teams.

Students On The Beamlines

The Students on the Beamlines program is an immersive science research experience for high school students at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) – Canada’s national synchrotron facility.
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